Department For Environment and Water

The Department for Environment and Water is responsible for the recovery of the 2019 bushfire damaged areas within their Parks and how they rebuild their facilities.

The Objective:

In order to support their environmental work, the client wants to invest in re-building the tourism industry within Kangaroo Island Parks. This includes an improved Visitor Experience that delivers memorable experiences in nature and keeps visitors at the heart of everything vital. New Visitor Hubs and Visitor Nodes are to be designed and delivered in order to provide exceptional nature-based experiences for visitors whilst supporting nature conservation.

The Expy Approach:

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    By applying Expy’s VX framework to the project, we were able to map the requirements for each of the relevant sites, with a strong focus on Flinders Chase National Park.

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    Use Expy’s unique approach and tourism expertise to identify particular wants and needs from a range of potential visitors.

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    Development of visitor personas underpinned by the insights provided from previous stages

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    Provide recommendations to Parks to create a number of Visitor nodes and Hubs in relevant locations.

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    Provide suggestions about how to provide a range of experiences that will consolidate Kangaroo Island as a key destination within South Australia

The Outcome:

Whilst this project is still ongoing, many objectives have already been met and positive feedback has been received.
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